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I went shopping for jeans...

So yesterday I went jeans shopping with a female friend (not my girlfriend). She's a close friend who I've known for years and I always like to go shopping with a girl just because it kinda "authorises" a choice of jeans! My gf knew she was going to help me choose and was fine with it.

Anyway, she made a few comments on how I looked good having lost the weight (which is also the reason for the shopping trip as all my jeans are too big for me now), which was really nice.

Whilst trying on jeans in the dressing room she poked her head in as I was getting changed and saw me in my thong and said "wow! Your pants (underwear) are really sexy!" To be honest I was kinda shocked she was there but I just said "thanks! Trying something new!" Then she asked to see the back of them (I obliged) and said "that's so annoying! Your ass is better than mine!" I laughed and said "I doubt that!" But I felt myself starting to get a bit hard...

So I put on the jeans and said "what do you think?" And she said "very nice! Get them!" Then having obviously noticed my cock said "I'd love to suck that!", I said "if I didn't have a girlfriend I'd say yes!"

Anyway, as I was getting changed back into my old jeans she added "I'd go down on your ass too!" Fuck me! This is exactly the reaction I wanted from my girlfriend! So frustrating! So tempting!!!

Anyway, we went for a coffee and she kept talking about my thong, how cool it was i was wearing it, and all the things she'd want to do with me! Absolutely crazy! I had no idea she thought this way! She's 20 years younger than me too!

It was a bit awkward to be honest! But I explained I wasn't going to cheat so the only way to me would be to seduce my girlfriend so we're all involved and she said "I might just do that!"....

So who knows where this will lead! We don't often all go out together so it'll probably never happen! But hey! Certainly one for the wank bank if nothing else!

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