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Could somebody do me a favour??

Hey folks!
hope ur all well!
i was wondering if anybody could do me a favour, its a bit of a strange one.
I love wearing naughty things in public, nothing too public or illegal but annoyingly i’m CONSTANTLY working so not getting much chance to indulge in my favourite passion.
Does anybody feel like popping on a speedo/bikini/swimwear/shiny panties, and film/take pics and post them on here??
A strange one i know, but i love it!!!


Nice bulge wrapped in undies turns me on !
Toulouse, France
Yes, I ride long distances. The Beach is a 32 mile round trip, so I have great legs. In 2008 I shaved for the women's suits I wear, not for the cycling. These recent shots I just trimmed my pubes, no shaving now. Hairy guys can wear women's thongs and look good at a crowded Beach, never any complaints. Bears Rule! Oh, I wear short-shorts and t-shirt over this to ride, I don't want to cause an accident by distracting the drivers.
Yes I rather prefer hairy chest and legs 🦵😊
My collection of Cocksox bathers, the first three and fifth are speedo types, the forth is a swim thong and the last one is a Kiniki speedo, hope you like


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