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Jerking off


USG Member
Houston, TX, USA
I love mirrors in the gym locker rooms. Especially nicer locker rooms with wooden lockers in corridors that face the sinks.
I love undressing in front of the large mirror that is over the sinks.
I like the view and enjoy knowing others can see me also.
I like that if I am in only a Thong or cock ring that I cannot hide. If someone else can't see my display then I will stroll to get a towel or use the urinal with nothing covering me.
I usually don't get hard until someone shows interest.
When a guy starts checking me out I get so aroused!
I love subtly touching my growing cock and then eventually just taking out of my Thong and stroking it right there in front of the mirror in front of anyone interested!
I like being watched and will continue the show in the showers until I blow a huge load!


USG Member
Houston, TX, USA
Does anyone like watch self in mirror when playing with self?
I used to suction this dildo to a mirror and suck it while i jacked off! Now that the mirror is gone i film it!


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I will admit to jacking off and having a great time this morning while looking through the pics. I normally like to look, I get aroused, like some pics, and then go about my day. Not today. I was instantly hard while reading the new posts…that’s something that rarely happens. By the time that i got to the new media… i had some precum forming. I flipped my way around the gallery and ended up cumming quite nicely to some very hot pics. Thanks!
the idea of visiting this great site is to get hard and enjoy!

in front of my camcorder (with black dildo and in crotchless panty):


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